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"Von Doren watch makes me feel stylish and powerful"

This week, I had the opportunity to gain some insights into our customer experience through my interview with Omar Pawe, one of Von Doren’s test customers.

«My first impression about the (Von Doren) watches is that they are classic and clean yet elegant », he told me.

Omar Pawe - Von Doren's Ambassador

Omar Pawe used to work as a bar manager in Stavanger, a beautiful city in the Southwest of Norway. He is also an Instagram influencer in men’s lifestyle with more than 11000 followers. Omar got to know Von Doren through Klokkeriet, the most popular Facebook group for watch lovers and collectors in Norway.

The first time he saw the watches, he fell in love with them. “The Von Doren watches stand out with their clean lines. The watches remind me of vintage watches, but with modern traits”, he said. After doing some research on Von Doren Time Pieces, he contacted our founder and it turned out to be a good match between the brand and Omar. He then became a Von Doren Ambassador and received the second prototype of our Limited Founder Collection. His Von Doren watch is also my favorite, Frost White - Gold with Dark brown strap.

Omar Pawe - Von Doren's ambassador

I am so happy to know that wearing the Von Doren watch has become a habit for him. The watch has become one of his best companions in both everyday life and important events. Omar said he would miss the little extra accessory to his outfit if he did not have the Von Doren watch with him. I understand that for such a social influencer like Omar, the appearance is very important. It is also exciting for me to hear; “The watch is just an accessory, but it contributes substantially to perfect an outfit”. Omar feels powerful and stylish when he wears his Von Doren watch.

Omar also loves Von Doren’s interchangeable straps. He suggests that you can change the straps to different types or colors to make the watch suitable to mix with clothes in various situations. As an expert in men’s style, he recommends other gentlemen to combine the Von Doren watch with suits. I am neither an expert nor a man, but as a woman, I am totally into the beautiful combination between suits and an elegant minimalistic watch.

When being asked whether he would recommend our watches to others, Omar said he had already done that a lot, and he would continue to do so.

The feeling, when a dear user trusts our brand is amazing. I was pretty proud when Omar said he loved everything about the Von Doren watch. The only thing he would love even more, is to own a mechanic Von Doren watch in the future. And I can now confirm that it is on our to-do list to make a line of mechanic watches, already in summer 2017 - which can make our customers fall in love, while keeping our brand promise “To provide a sense of uniqueness with elegant, sophisticated watches, of high quality and Art Nouveau design”. I hope Omar will be one of our first customers for our mechanic watches as well.

Omar Pawe - Von Doren ambassador with gf

I did not have a chance to talk to Omar too much besides this short interview, but I must say he strikes me as a cool guy. Just as he described himself in one sentence “A creative person who love new challenges”.

He does not only say so but he also does it. He and his girlfriend recently quit their jobs, sold everything they have and started travelling all around the world. Well, indeed a lot of new challenges await on this journey. I wish Omar all the best and would like to thank him again for choosing Von Doren Fine Timepieces.

You can follow Omar’s footsteps and his story with Von Doren watches on his Instagram @omar_pawe. I hope you can enjoy the special feeling Von Doren watches create for him and will fall in love with our watches just like him.


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