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Von Doren


43 mm

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The Von Doren Caïssa Automatic is truly a piece of art. It is as individual as the man who wears it. Each timepiece has a circular-brushed brass dial with its own unique pattern and patina. No two finishes are alike, lending an extra air of exclusivity to this already highly limited-edition wristwatch. This movement is similar to ETA-2428 in terms of components and accuracy. Some experts actually prefer STP 5-15 because of its very nice finishing, beautiful movement marking and jewelled barrel bridge. Accuracy The movement is carefully tested in 5 different positions by our watchmaker in Switzerland. The accuracy rate is significantly high, ranging from 0s to +15s a day. We believe that this is the movement you can trust and the watch with this movement can become your reliable timekeeper. Shock absorber The movement utilizes the well-known Incabloc shock absorber which was invented in Switzerland in 1943. It refers to a spring-loaded mounting system that supports the pivots and jewel bearings from physical shocks or impacts. This contributes to the considerable level of impact resistance for the watch with STP5-15 movement. Decoration and Finishing We at Von Doren must admit that we are totally convinced by the look of STP5-15. More interestingly, you can observe the beautiful components through the breathtaking window into its open heart, both from the front and back case. It is a combination between delicate perlage, gilt balance wheel and Nivaflex NM barrel spring. The entire movement is carefully assembled and finally checked by experienced Swiss watch experts. Feel and Refinement When it comes to the touch, STP5-15 gives the refined feeling thanks to the firmly clicking crown, even in different positions. This makes you feel effortless during the manual winding. In addition, the STP5-15 beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour, which means a smooth sweeping second hand on the dial. Limited to only 25 pieces.


  • Dimensions: 

   -  Diameter: 43 mm

   -  Thickness: 13.4mm 

   -  Lug to lug: 49.9 mm

  • Case: Polished stainless steel

  • Caseback: Stainless steel and sapphire crystal

  • Crystal: Double domed sapphire crystal with 5 AR coating inside. Flat sapphire crystal on case back.

  • Water resistance: 5 bar / 50m

  • Movement: Swiss Made STP 5-15 automatic movement. 

  • Power reserve: 44 hours.

  • Bracelet & strap: Brown handmade Italian leather strap

  • Lug width: 20mm.


This watch is inspierd by Caïssa the goddess of chess.

In the realm of chess, there exists a mythical figure named Caïssa, The Goddess of Chess. Originating from an 18th-century poem, Caïssa embodies the spirit and essence of the game. While her story is fictional, she symbolizes the power and beauty of chess.

According to the Legend, Caïssa was a Beautiful and Cunning Nymph Who Captured The Attention of the God of War, Mars. Two test here wit, March Challenged Caïssa to A Game of Chess. DESPITE HAVING NO PRIOW Knowledge of the Game, Caïssa Demonstrated Exceptional Strategic Thinking and Outplayed Mars at Every Turn.

A painting of Caissa the goodiss of chess.

Painting of Caïssa


Swiss Made STP 5-15

Self-winding movement with 44 hours power reserve, 26 jewels and running at 4hz (28,800 vph). Clutch wheels to avoid overwinding. Rotor decorated with Geneva stripes. Tested in 5 positions.

STP 5-15 automatic movement

Taking a number of subtle style cues from chess, the Grandmaster Mark II watches evoke the spirit of the game that has captivated legions of followers for well over 1000 years.


The Grandmaster mark II is elegant, stylish, robust and enduring.


With time we are confident that Iconic will be added to that list.


Von Doren wristwatches are inspired by their Norwegian heritage and brought to life by the finest Swiss movements.


Looked after properly, this wristwatch will serve you faithfully for many years to come.

“A dresswatch masterpice”


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