How to take care of your watch (Part 3)

Here comes our third and final part of our guide on how to take good care of your watch. This post will give you tips to care for the watch glass and water resistance.


As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, there are three types of watch crystals, namely Acrylic Glass, Mineral Glass and Sapphire Crystal. In general, watch crystals should be protected against heavy shocks and strong impacts. More importantly, it is highly recommended that you know what kind of watch crystal you have in order to give it the best care.

Sapphire Crystal, so-called “scratch-resistant” crystal, is the crystal of best quality in the market. Sapphire, rated 9 out of 10 on Mohs hardness scale, is the second hardest substance on Earth. It is believed that only diamond and other sapphires can scratch sapphire crystal. Therefore, it is my suggestion that you pay attention to your sapphire crystal watch when it is close to jewellery especially those that contain diamonds.

When it comes to mineral and acrylic glasses, the two types of crystals are easier to get scratched than sapphire crystal. It is, thus, a must to keep your watch away from sharp items such as knives, working tools, keys or coins. One lucky thing with acrylic glass is that scratches can be easily buffed. However, too many scratches on mineral glass mean that a replacement is needed.

Once you need to replace you watch glass, give it the best care possible by going to a reliable watch service stores.