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Von Doren designs the Official Norway Chess Watch

Everyone familiar with Von Doren knows that the brand is highly invested in chess. The company's founder, Øyvind Von Doren Asbjørnsen directed the film “The Prince of Chess” in 2005, and co-produced “MAGNUS” in 2016. In addition to this, the flagship model is named Grandmaster, and among the brand ambassadors you will find Junior World Champion Aryan Tari.

Most prominently is perhaps the close relationship with Altibox Norway Chess, the world’s strongest chess tournament.

We are very proud to announce that Von Doren, for the third year in a row, will be the Official Timekeeper for Altibox Norway Chess 2019.

But that’s not all.

This year we are more involved than ever before, as we were asked to design and produce an official collection for this year’s tournament. A task we accepted with great awe.

This very special collection consists of three different models produced in respectively 150, 75 and 75 pieces, with a total quantity of only 300 pieces. All models are engraved with their own unique serial number.

The hour markers are replaced by Richard Réti’s moves against Savielly Tartakower in a now famous game of chess played in Vienna in 1910. It took Réti only eleven moves to checkmate Tartakower and win the game.

All models in this collection are powered by a Swiss movement, and notation from the full game is engraved on the caseback. The dials feature a beautiful sunburst effect and have a sub second dial. Other notable details include the Norway Chess logo engraved on the crown and buckle.

This is primarily a memorabilia for the strongest chess tournament in the world. The lion’s share of the sales go directly to Norway Chess, who are doing an outstanding effort for chess in Norway. Acquiring one of these watches is a great way to support their work while simultaneously getting a unique memento from the Norway Chess tournament, a future collectors item. We are proud and happy to be invited to contribute.

The watches are priced between €229,- to €249, and can be purchased on Von Doren`s official website and at the playing venue during Altibox Norway Chess in Stavanger, Norway.

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