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Von Doren URÆD

One thing ties my eclectic collection of divers, dress watches, and pilot’s watches together: a story. And the Uræd has quite the yarn. To prove that his enclosed lifeboat prototype was a safer alternative to the prevailing designs of the day...

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Øyvind Von Doren: The Man Behind The Norway Chess Watch

If you have been following the Norway Chess Tournament, it will have been hard to miss the beautiful Norway Chess watches. These unique timepieces, featuring chess notation on the watch face and Richard Reti’s 11-move checkmate over Savielly Tartakower engraved on the back, have been exclusively designed and produced for the event, by Von Doren.

Who is into Rolex?

In the eyes of the public, chess players are often seen as ascetics who are so deeply engrossed in the 64 squares that they do not pay much attention to the everyday pleasures of life. But is this mostly the case?

Where the Midnight Sun Shines

You’ve probably heard of Von Doren by now. Not just because of this blog, which has happily posted about the innovative and stylish Norwegian watch company.

Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II – a Microbrand dress watch masterpiece

The Grandmaster Mark II: Von Doren Fine Timepieces


Eponymously named Von Doren Fine Timepieces represent automatic watches inspired by the brand’s native Norway; the magnificent mountains and waterfalls surrounding Aalesund, and its unique art nouveau architecture highlighted with elegant lines.​

World Junior Chess Champion, Aryan Tari is new Von Doren Ambassador

We are very happy to announce the official partnership with our new ambassador; 

Junior World Champion & Grandmaster Aryan Tari. 

Here posing with his Grandmaster Mark II together with our founder Øyvind Von Doren Asbjørnsen. We signed a 3 year sponsor deal with Aryan, who has a a great passion not only for chess, but also for watches. He is delighted and happy for the


It's Time for a New Era. Kind is delighted to be collaborating with an exciting player in world-class timepieces - Von Doren. Not only will Kind be responsible for the overall branding of this unique Norwegian wristwatch company, we are also collaborating on the future design of the watches themselves.

The 80th Tata Steel Chess Tournament

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the international chess calendar. The "Wimbledon of Chess" attracts the very best chess grandmasters in the world, along with thousands of amateur players, live event visitors and online visitors from around the world. In 2018, the Tata Steel Chess Tournament celebrates its 80th anniversary.

Our latest model

We have been working on the production of our new automatic timepiece: The Von Doren Grandmaster Mark ll for quite a long time. All the way we have been uncompromising to adjust and improve the design and quality of the watch. IT`S TIME!

Review – Von Doren Aksla

Von Doren is a Norwegian watch company founded by Von Doren Asbjornsen.  It began on Kickstarter on December 14, 2016, and as a new company they have really taken off.  Four watches are offered under the model name Aksla, named after Mt. Aksla, which overlooks the town of Aalesund.

Von Doren Jotunheim Lady Watch Review

Norwegian brand Von Doren launched a wristwatch for women a couple of weeks ago – the Von Doren Jotunheim Lady.

But since I’m a man, not brave enough to wear a women’s watch in public, I enlisted my dear girlfriend to wear it for a week.


Scandinavia has become a veritable hotbed of awesomeness so far as timepieces are concerned and so it has proven once again with Von Doren Watches, a Norwegian watchmaker that takes its influences and design inspiration from Viking culture to deliver a series of timepieces which are as bold and striking as they are well made and stylish.

Von Doren | Viking Art Nouveau Inspired Timepieces

When it comes to watches, there are a few requirements that have to be met. They need to have style, possess a sense of finesse, and be elegant. They should also carry with them undertones of magnificent inspiration. 


Welcome; Von Doren – Fine Timepieces as new partner to Altibox Norway Chess. Von Doren has designed a one of a kind, limited edition, Norway Chess collection that will be given to the players of the 2017 tournament.

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Von Doren Runde

When I speak with brands around the world many are also influenced by forms found in nature. A great example is a Norwegian company Von Doren owned by the enigmatic Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen.

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It’s Your Move:


Von Doren Grandmaster Mark II

As we write, two chess grandmasters are battling for world domination. They are vying for the World Chess Championship title in London. Magnus Carlsen from the home of Von Doren in Norway and Fabiano Caruana from...

Øyvind Von Doren Asbjørnsen founder of Von Doren Timepieces guesting the International Altibox Norway Chess broadcast. 

Von Doren – Fine Timepieces is Official Timekeeper for Altibox Norway Chess 2018

Photographer of the year 2018

We are happy to announce that Arne Beck was selected the Photographer of the year 2018 award in Norway, and his photo for Von Doren was awarded Gold and Photo of the year

Von Doren says…checkmate..

One of the beautiful things about the game of chess is that when a player reaches a certain level of sophistication, the moves, the pieces and the strategy have a transcendent quality. Meaning, that the game itself can be applied to life itself. A true chess player begins to take the angles, the maneuvers and the tactics of the game, and lays them against the backdrop of the world around them.


Chess is a game of precision and timing and the same is true of high end watches so it makes sense for a timepiece to be inspired by the legendary game that is a battle of wits. What you might not have expected, however, is for the finished product to be quite as dazzling and luxurious as the stunning Grand Master Watch from Norwegian watchmakers, Von Doren. If you love horology and chess, this is the watch for you.

Christmas gave me a great excuse to do a hands on review of a ladies watch (no prizes for guessing what my wife got for Christmas) after  I spotted the Jotunheim Lady when I did a review on them in 2017 when they launched.

Fra film til klokker

Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen fikk i desember 2016 realisert en mangeårig drøm, å skape et eget klokkemerke. Merket heter Von Doren - Fine Timepieces.

– Jeg mener at man ikke bare skal ha drømmer, men at drømmer skal realiseres, sier Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen.

Adoring…Von Doren.

In a previous blog post I mentioned my family’s Norwegian roots. The family name ‘Rockne’ came from a group of my ancestors centered around Voss, Norway. So, naturally, I have a fondness for Norwegian art, culture and timepieces.

The Vikings are coming – and damn those Watches look good – Von Doren

As time progresses you will learn that I love all watches, mechanical, automatic, or quartz. Subs to dress, modern to classic, I am always looking, looking for something to catch my eye, something that is worth my time to put on the site because it qualifies to be remembered as a moment in time.

Von Doren has vintage style I can dig

Over the past year or so, we have seen a lot of “me too” sort of watch designs hitting Kickstarter, and it has started to get old.  I mean, how many thin, minimalistic, two-handed watches can we really handle?  Well, of those clone designs, I say no more.  When it comes to something like what we’re seeing from Von Doren, though?  That I definitely do not mind seeing.

Von Doren Fine Timepieces

Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen realiserer drømmen om eget klokkemerke.

I det 2016 nærmer seg slutten, har et nytt norsk klokkemerke nylig blitt lansert. Bak merket står den norske filmskaperen Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen. Enkelte vil kanskje dra kjensel på Asbjørnsen fra hans arbeid, kanskje spesielt med dokumentarene «Prinsen av sjakk» og «Magnus», om sjakkgeniet Magnus Carlsen.

Von Doren Watches Take Minimalism to New Heights


Let’s be honest — whether you’re in a classy, three piece get-up or commanding a casual look, watches more often than not rely on aesthetics than they do functionality.

Jotunheim Lady, la montre féminine élégante


On ne voit quasiment que des montres masculines ou dites « mixtes » sur La Petite Trotteuse, mais pourtant il existe encore bel et bien des montres vraiment pensées pour les dames.

Alors que la mode est aux montres multi-sexe, une marque norvégienne, Von Doren Timepieces, a mis au point une montre féminine vraiment très réussie

TV & Media
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Von Doren is official prize sponsor for " The Wimbledon of Chess" Tata Steel Chess. Here our founder is talking to commentator and Grandmaster Eric Hanson. See video in link below
Founder Øyvind Von Doren at TV2s live broadcast from Tata Steel Chess 2018. Von Doren also signed a 3 year sponsors deal with World Junior Champion Aryan Tari
Von Doren is official prize sponsor for " The Wimbledon of Chess" Tata Steel Chess. Here our founder is talking to commentator and Grandmaster Eric Hanson. See video in link below
The story of Von Doren is one of many in this Norwegian book " The entreprenaurs book" with tips and isights to aspiring entreprenaurs