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By using or purchasing any products from, it means that you have accepted our use of cookies.  

Almost all the websites today use cookies in order to improve the user experience.


What is cookies?

Cookies is a small text file which is saved in your computer, tablets or phones when you visit a website. This is used with different purposes ranging from keeping you logged in, saving your shopping basket, collecting statistics to adjust the user experience to you as a customer.

You can easily block cookies by adjusting the setting on your web browser if you do not want to have cookies in your device. However, remember that many websites will not work optimally if you block the cookies.

It is also quite easy to delete the cookies that you have accepted. In all the standard web browsers for computers, you can use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + DEL to come directly to the right setting.


Cookies on our website:

Local Cookies:

Used on the website to remember your choices. This information is not saved and most of the cookies are deleted when you close the browser. However, some of these are regular cookies.


Google Analytics:

This shows where you came from (search engine, keyword, link, etc.) when you landed on our pages. We use Google Analytics both internally on our pages. This collects information when you are on our site. When you landed on our pages, which pages you visit, how long your visit lasts, the number of visits, and the link from which page you came from to visit our website. The collected information is processed by Google and used to generate visitor statistics and reports that can show us how our customers use our website. We use this service to analyze the use of our site.



Google cookies also include cookies when we use a search engine provided by Google. It retrieves information about keywords and what search results is clicked on. Google uses the information to improve the search engine. The information can also be used to access you on other websites with offers from us through Google Doubleclick.


Facebook: Cookies from Facebook are only added if you have previously visited Facebook or use a Facebook feature or link on our website. These cookies are used by the Facebook features on our website, such as "like" button, comment box and login via Facebook. The information can also be used to reach you on Facebook with offers from us.


Trust Pilot:

Cookies from Trustpilot are only made if you visit or have previously visited their website. The information is used by Trustpilot A/S and used in connection with rating of our website.



How to avoid cookies:

If you want to avoid using cookies, you can set up your browser so that it does not not accept cookies automatically. Please visit this link.

Please note that if you choose to exclude cookies, more of the features on will not work. Outsiders can only access the information if this is required to perform specific services for Von Doren Watch Company AS. By using the website you agree to the use of cookies.

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