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The joy of owning a hand-wound watch

Time is defined as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Regardless of the definition, we all have to relate to it. We have been told that in African countries time is seen as an inexhaustible resource - a resource we get more and more of.

In our culture on the other hand, time is rather perceived as a non-renewable resource that we must manage as sensibly as we can.

At that, a watch is a powerful tool. So powerful that humans have made complicated clocks and watches for centuries. Today, this powerful tool is integrated in our phones, computers, ovens and even refrigerators and we don't give it much thought. At least some of us.

The joy of owning a hand-wound watch

For others, a watch is about much more than telling time. It is a tribute to centuries of horology and engineering. These people understand the joy of a mechanical watch. The ritual of winding your watch's mainspring via the crown, which powers the mechanism for the rest of the day and puts you in control of your time is a precious moment for many.

Knowing that every time you look at your wristwatch a large number of small, individual pieces are working tirelessly together, at just the right speed, to do exactly what it was made for - displaying the time.

Whether you consider time a finite or an infinite resource we can all agree it is worth keeping track of. Horology may just be the perfect bridge between art and science, and being a part of that is the joy of owning a hand-wound watch.


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