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Von Doren


Runde Mark II - a larger and upgraded version of the popular Runde collection. With sapphire glass and embossed case back, this watch gives a sense of quality and durability. The case is two millimeters larger, and the watch is powered by a solid Swiss Made quartz movement with six jewels that ensures precision and reliability. The special sunburst dial in the vibrant color Arctic Green changes appearance after the lighting conditions around you. Whether you're going to work, a formal occasion or having a relaxed weekend, the Runde Mark II will be a reliable companion and help you keep time in style. This elegant watch is inspired by the bird island Runde, outside Ålesund in Norway. The island is the most species-rich seabird site in all of Scandinavia. Runde is also called "Treasure Island", after the silver and gold treasure from the wreck of the Dutch vessel Akerendam that sank in 1725.

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  • Dimensions: 

   -  Diameter: 41 mm. 

   -  Thickness: .. mm 

   -  Lug to lug: 20mm

  • Case: Polished stainless steel

  • Caseback: Stainless steel. Embossed like a Gold Ducat from the Runde Treasure

  • Crystal: Domed mineral crystal with 5 AR coating inside

  • Water resistance: 5 bar / 50m

  • Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 1069 - 6 jewels

  • Power reserve: 

  • Strap: Leather og rubber strap

  • Lug width: 20mm

  • Lume: Super-LumiNova


On the 19th of January 1725 the Dutch merchant ship Akerendam set sail from Texel outside of Amsterdam with course to Batavia in Indonesia. The ship was loaded with trade goods and money to be traded for spices and other valuable goods in the far east. In total the ship had a crew of 200 and carried 19 chests with coins in gold and silver. To avoid pirates in the English Channel the crew decided to sail Akerendam north of Scotland, but the ship lost its course because of a terrible snow storm. On the morning of March 8th 1725 the people of Runde witnessed pieces of the wreckage floating in the waterfront. In the following days the inhabitants found remains of the wreckage and dead bodies scattered over large areas around the island. All 200 aboard perished. Almost 250 years later, on the 16th of July 1972, two Swedish and a Norwegian sport diver found some coins and one of the cannons from Akerendam in the bay south-east of Runde. Over the next three weeks they salvaged almost half a ton coins in gold and silver. The finders got 75% of the treasure, Norway got 15% and Holland received 10%. The Norwegian cut of the findings was split between Myntkabinettet in Oslo and Bergen Sjøfartsmuseum.

When I speak with brands around the world many are also influenced by forms found in nature. A great example is a Norwegian company Von Doren owned by the enigmatic Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen.

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