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Privacy Policy

This governs the collection and use of personal information on in connection with purchase on the online store and other activities related to Von Doren Watch Company AS.

In this section, you shall be informed of what type of personal information that we collect from you and the purpose of it, as well as your rights.

Von Doren Watch Company AS, (Organization number: 919 353 570) is responsible for  this process and can be contacted if there are any questions. Our contact information is as follows:

Von Doren Watch Company AS
Address: Frognerveien 13, 0263 Oslo, Norway

Phone: (+47)21 51 00 80



What kind of personal information do we collect?

When you purchase any product in our online store, you shall be required to provide the following information:

• Name

• Telephone

• Email

• Payment information (credit card/debit card)

• Delivery address

The information is necessary for the order to be fulfilled. In connection with the purchase and other activities, we also save:

• Your purchase history including the type of products you have bought and when you bought them

• The status of service or history of any returns, reclamation or reparation of the products.

You shall have the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. You can stop the subscription any time by using the link at the bottom of the newsletter which is sent to your email.

If you choose to take part in any campaign or questionnaires, it can mean that you need to provide other information such as your gender, date of birth, interests, etc. The participation in this kind of campaign is voluntary.

We can receive information about address lists or marketing campaigns from partners or suppliers.

We use cookies to receive information in order to improve user experience on our website or other analysis and statistical purposes. The obtained information is used in an aggregated level, but some information may be regarded as personal information at the time of collection, such as your IP address.

Data collection using cookies is described under in article 5.


1. Basic information about personal policy

The Personal Information Act limits the access to processing personal information by specifying what should be considered as legitimate reasons for obtaining and using personal data. The Rules of data processing makes it possible to process personal data when it is necessary to fulfill an agreement with the person whose personal data is processed. Our agreement with you is our primary treatment basis.
In addition, we base parts of the treatment at your consent. Consent is obtained through marketing requests, user surveys, campaigns, etc.
Some treatments are based on an interest analysis, such as analysis and further development of our services and the Website where it is  our legitimate interest to improve the user experience for all our customers.


2. What do we use personal information for?

Our purposes of collection personal information as follows:

• Compliance with obligations related to sales: This includes fulfillment of our obligations to you as a customer, including delivery, relevant service, customer follow-up and answering questions, as well as fulfillment of our duties under applicable regulations.

• Offer relevant advice, follow-up and offers: We will use your personal information to provide you with relevant advice, follow-up and offers of products and services related to what you have already purchased from us.

• Establishing Customer Profile: We will be able to establish a customer profile based on purchase history and available information as a basis for newsletters, product information, customized marketing and purchase analyzes.

• User profile management: We have access to your user profile to manage your contact information and any consent to receive our newsletter, participation in promotions or the like.

• If you contact us via customer service: Depending on what your inquiry is and what channel you contact us from (phone, chat, or email), we may need to know who you are, which product you have purchased, your address or your phone number. We will collect the information we need to help you.

• Complaints and Repairs: If you complain about a product or ask us for reparation or replacement, we will need your contact information to register your complaint and fulfill the service.

• Development of services and safe operation: In order to further develop our services and run the Website in a sound and responsible manner, we rely on, among other things, to produce statistics such as traffic, purchases and behavior on the Website. We may also need to acquire knowledge of fraud and to take action to prevent this. We will use as limited data as possible for these purposes.

• Email Marketing: If you explicitly consent to it, we will use personal information we have about you to send you offers and information about our products. In this regard we use the information we have about your previous purchase to provide you with offers we believe you will be interested in. You can at any time let us know that you no longer wish for this type of inquiry by contacting customer service.

• Campaigns and surveys: If you choose to participate in a survey or campaigns on the Website, you may be asked to provide personal information, such as name, address and / or phone number. The purpose of this is to identify you, for example, in case you win a prize.

3. Who has access to your personal information?

In some cases, other businesses may access your personal information:

• Other companies: In some cases, we will need to share your personal information with other companies, for example in connection with customer service, complaint and reparation. The information we share will not be used in the recipient company for purposes other than those mentioned in section 2 above.

•Partners: We have partnered with selected businesses that focus on these businesses
("Partners"), in some cases, we need the Partners' products and services (eg insurance, financing and repairs).
("Data processors"). Questions regarding the Partner's processing of personal data must be addressed to the relevant Partner.

• Public authority: Your personal information may in particular be disclosed to the relevant public authority. Such situations shall only take place if we are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

4. Access from abroad

In the event that Von Doren Watch Company AS uses subcontractors established outside the EU / EEA, we will ensure that the processing is subject to protection similar to that applicable in the EU / EEA, for example, using EU standard agreements, EU-US Privacy Shield or other similar arrangement.

5. Use of cookies

We use cookies to improve the user experience on the website. A cookie is a text file that interacts with a web page and is added to your browser's internal memory.

You have the ability to prevent us from placing such cookies in your browser. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change settings so cookies are not accepted. The downside of disabling cookies in your browser is that the website will not work optimally. The reason is that the purpose of most cookies we use is to provide better functionality on the website. For example, the website is able to remember what you have added to your shopping cart.

We also use other tools than cookies to retrieve information about your IP address, what type of browser you use, your broadband provider, your operating system, dates and times of site visit, as well as some data about navigating the site.
We use those data to analyze trends so that we can make the site more user-friendly.
For a complete list of the cookies we use, follow this link


6. Deleting your information

Von Doren Watch Company AS deletes your information in accordance with regulatory requirements.
Information about purchase will as a rule be deleted when it is no longer necessary to store the information to answer customer requests and complaints unless we need the information to fulfill other legitimate purposes. Accounting regulations or other regulations rmay in some cases require us to store certain types of information for a longer period of time.

Instead of deleting personal information, it may in some cases be appropriate to anonymize your personal information. Anonymization means that all identifiers or potentially identifiable attributes are removed from data sets that are kept.

7. Your rights

Von Doren Watch Company AS appreciates your feedback. You can contact us regarding your rights any time.

• Withdrawal: If you have consented to receive any inquiries from us regarding offers on our goods and services, you may withdraw this consent at any time. We have made it possible for you to easily reserve yourself against this kind of inquiries in every newsletter from us. Consent may also be withdrawn by contacting Customer Service.

• Request for access: You have the right to understand what personal information we have collected about you.

• Request for correction or deletion: You may also ask us to correct the information we have about you or ask us to delete personal information. We shall, as far as possible, accept your request to delete personal information, but we can not do this if there are serious reasons for not deleting, for example, we must store the information for documentation purposes.

• Complaint to the supervisory authority: If you disagree with the way we process your personal information, you may file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate.

8. Amendments

We reserve the rights to make changes to this Privacy Statement, for example, as a consequence of making changes to the structure or functionality of the Website. If we make significant changes, we will inform you about this on the Website.

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