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5 reasons why people should wear watches

I remember how excited I was when I received my first wristwatch on my 10th birthday. I was so proud, even though it was just a cheap childish watch. I ran around asking my friends and family to ask me the time so that I could proudly look at my watch and tell them. Nowadays, I guess kids hardly experience the same feeling since we are surrounded by digital devices. Those modern devices especially smartphones can give you almost all sources of information including the time. However, here are five reasons why watches are still necessary and desirable.


Fashion industry has taken wristwatches from battlefields in the late 19th and early 20th century to become a modern fashion accessory (New York Times). With many different brands and designs in the market, your watch choice nowadays can really make you stand out. Luxurious watches can also be a showcase of your prestige or social status.

For me, accessories create and define a women’s personal style. The bag she carries, the watch on her wrist, her jewelry, her sunglasses, her shoes all define a look that is her signature.” – The legendary designer Ralph Lauren

With either sports-luxe style or elegant bracelet, a watch can become a sophisticated detail added to a woman’s style. It can create a strong impression when she shakes hands or holds phones. That little thing on her wrist helps to perfect any appearance from a minimal look, a posh outfit to an office dress.

Accessory for men - Von Doren

Watches are the only jewelry men can wear, unless you are Mr. T” - Gordon Bethune, Former CEO of Continental Airlines

While women have a wide selection of fashion accessories and jewelry, men have only watches as their truly choice. Instead, a man can build a small collection of watches, change straps to suit the occasions and find the one that perfectly fits his lifestyle. If he wears a type of watch long enough, people will recognize it as his signature. I remember a male fashion blogger said that he received the most compliments for his watch, not the clothes he had.


Imagine you were in a rush to get to a job interview and forget your phone, how would you be sure that you would be there on time? The answer is simply a watch. You would turn your wrist and know how much time you have left. For such a forgetful person like me, a watch can sometimes be a lifesaver.

Von Doren - wearing watches while driving

Watches also allow you to know the time in special occasions and situations. Mobile phones may not be the best choice for soldiers, pilots or divers to take care of their time but watches do. Different types of watches have been designed to meet their special needs. Mobile phones are not ideal for a student during her exams or for a gentleman during his romantic date, while driving or in a business meeting, but watches are. That is why, it is more convenient to wear a watch. Being in control of your time is crucial this hectic pace of modern life.

Moreover, watches save your time thanks to their smooth operations. There is no need to charge your watch every 4-5 hours. Watches do not distract you with notifications from social media either. It means that you can focus on your job and your beloved ones. Believe me, wear a watch and you will see how efficient your life can be.


Von Doren - conversation opener

Ice-breaking tips? Ask for time if the person you want to talk to wears a watch. It would be even better if you have some knowledge about watches. The conversation will for sure come naturally. There are a plenty of topics you can discuss about including the story, the craftsmanship or special details of the watch.

What about giving a compliment on a woman’s watch when you shake hands? As a woman myself, I would love it. A good start is indeed needed for a pleasant conversation.

Watches may as well create an effortless conversation among watch lovers or collectors. There are numerous of them out there. If you start wearing a watch, collecting watches or learning about watches, you already have a secret tool in socialization.


It may sound strange but watches could be a great investment for you. A watch, especially an iconic or a rare limited edition timepiece tends to increase in value over time. If you are lucky enough to own such a special watch, you are likely to earn profits in the future.

An advantage of investing in watches is that it does not necessarily incur too much cost. You usually just spend one-time fee at the beginning to buy it. Then if it is a mechanical watch you should at least service it every 4-5 years. If you have a quartz watch, make sure to change the battery as soon as it starts losing power (if not battery acid can leak and destroy the movement).

A quality watch, if cared for and treated well will last for a lifetime and even hundreds of years. People can pass their watches to their children or their grandchildren. High-quality watches usually provide you with a long manufactory guarantee in case there are any defects.


Von Doren - Punctuality

A watch is a symbol of time and wearing a watch implies that you respect the importance of time. In a study conducted by researcher David Ellis from Lincoln University, UK and Rob Jenkins from York university, UK in 2015, the results indicate that “watch wearers are more conscientious and punctual than those with bare wrist”.

“As a fashion accessory or expression of social status, wearing a watch may provide an additional, albeit implicit cognitive impact on wearers, which makes them more conscientious and better planners.”, Rob further explained. They commented also that watches “could make the difference between making a positive or negative first impression at a job interview or missing an important event like a train”.

I believe a watch can be more helpful than you think. It can lift your style and probably your life to a whole new level. So if you have not done it yet, WHY NOT START WEARING A WATCH TODAY?


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