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Proud sponsor of the world's strongest chess tournament

Von Doren – Fine Timepieces is proud to be a partner and sponsor of the chess tournament Altibox Norway Chess. As an award sponsor Von Doren has designed the one of a kind, limited edition Norway Chess collection. These unique watches will be awarded to the ten contestants in the super tournament.

Von Doren - Fine Timepieces was established in 2016. Inspired by Ålesund’s breathtaking nature and Art Nouveau architecture, the timepieces are designed in Norway. At the heart of the minimalistic designs and clean lines are high precision Swiss movements.

Von Doren’s partnership with Altibox Norway Chess springs naturally from its founder, Øyvind Von Doren Asbjørnsen. In addition to his lifelong passion for watches, Øyvind has also always been keenly interested in chess. As a director/producer of the film «The Prince of Chess» and Photographer and Co-producer of «MAGNUS». Both films are about the world’s best chess player and Altibox Norway Chess 2017 participant, Magnus Carlsen.

The Von Doren Norway Chess Limited Edition collection is the culmination of a passion for chess and exquisite watches built with exceptional skill.

«I look forward to the honor of making the opening move in a round, especially when the participants are the world’s decidedly best players.» - Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen says.

Von Doren Fine Timepieces - Chess


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