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«Never give up on realizing your dreams»

"I think that a person needs to have dreams and should never give up on realizing them", said Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen, Von Doren’s founder, during his interview with Finansavisen (Norwegian Financial Newspaper). His whole life has been all about dreams and pursuit of dreams.


Øyvind grew up in Ålesund, one of the most beautiful cities in the West Coast of Norway. Surrounded by amazing nature and spectacular Art Nouveau architecture, he has developed his strong interests in art and design.

Øyvind VonDoren at Tribecca Film Festival 2016

He started his career in film production, the so-called “Seventh Art”, after finishing his education at the London Film School. He achieved success with a plenty of projects in leading Norwegian companies in the field such as NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and Thule Film & TV.

Later, he established Main Island Production, his own company, producing a vast number of commercials, TV series and documentaries, including the first film about Magnus Carlsen; "The Prince of Chess". Most recently, Øyvind was the executive producer and cinematographer of “MAGNUS”, a worldwide successful film also about the youngest chess world champion Magnus Carlsen. The movie was world premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in April 2016, screened in cinemas all over the world and sold to 60 TV stations worldwide.

Øyvind is also passionate about publishing and writing. He has written several books, founded his own publishing company and later worked as Publisher in Chief of a mid sized Norwegian publishing company.


At the age of 52 with a great deal of achievements in film and publishing, Øyvind could have been satisfied with his achievements and his stable life. But that was not the case. He has invested everything to realize his biggest - and oldest dream in life – making fine wristwatches.

It might have been a destined relationship between him and watches. His great grandfather’s sister was married to a watchmaker in Ålesund. That sister gave his great grandfather a fine Swiss watch on his 70th birthday in 1962. The precious watch which was later given to Øyvind by the great grandfather sparked his interests in watches. He then developed “a profound fascination for fine watches and an admiration for the precision and their sheer beauty and complexity”.


Øyvind VonDoren in his process of designing watches

​Von Doren - Fine Timepieces is more than just a watch brand, it is created from a deep, lifelong love and passion. It is a dream coming true for Øyvind.

Øyvind has devoted all his resources in making Von Doren watches. He spent months designing watches with the inspiration from his hometown and the Viking culture of Norway. He travelled all around the world to find the best parts and materials to create his prototypes. He strives to fulfill the brand’s promise, “To provide a sense of uniqueness with elegant, sophisticated watches of high quality and Art Nouveau design”.

Observing his efforts makes me inspired. His strong passion is an invaluable source of motivation for me to go to work every day and feel proud about the Von Doren products. I could never believe that a person would love one thing that much, until I met Øyvind. He once told me “I am not always optimistic, but when I look at the (Von Doren) watch on my wrist, it just makes me very happy. If it can make our customers happy and satisfied too, we really have achieved something”.

A watch critic once said that the value of a watch should be based on its characteristics, not the story behind it. However, for me, a watch, even if it is beautiful, is just an object without its background story. With Von Doren - Fine Timepieces, I believe it is Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen’s story and passions that make the watches become more alive, desireable and valuable.


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