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Tobias Becs cracked jacket shoot

Five-time World Champion in Freestyle Football 

From the moment Tobias Becs could walk he was inseparable from his beloved ball.


After a decade of playing football Tobias decided to pursue a career as a football freestyler. He dropped out of school and threw himself fully into the world of freestyle football. His hard work and dedication paid off when he became one of the first 16 players to join the World Tour, a series featuring the best freestylers in the world competing in various cities across the globe.

Tobias’ exceptional skills and performances has earned him five world championship titles, two European champion titles and multiple Norwegian titles. He has also won numerous other competitions and set three Guinness world records.

His innovative and daring stunts with the ball have earned him a reputation as a freestyle football pioneer. Some of his most famous stunts include juggling while suspended from a construction crane and juggling while paragliding. Tobias's achievements have inspired countless young football enthusiasts worldwide to explore the limitless possibilities of freestyle football.

In 2012 Tobias started the sports brand 4Freestyle which today is the largest sports brand for freestyle and street football, with a vision of giving back to the community by supporting various events and creating arenas such as the Off-Pitch Arena. 4Freestyle has been a permanent partner of the World championship and Norwegian Championship in freestyle football since 2013.


Today Tobias is working with different brands doing speeches and performing at events all around the world.


For further reading on Tobias please visit his homepage.

Tobias Becs
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