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Norway Chess Limited Edition


Highly accurate 

Efficient shock absorber 

Beautifully decorated and finished 

Refined feeling with smooth crown action

The Von Doren Caïssa Automatic is truly a piece of art. It is as individual as the man who wears it.

Each timepiece has a circular-brushed brass dial with its own unique pattern and patina. No two finishes are alike, lending an extra air of exclusivity to this already highly limited-edition wristwatch.

Grandmaster Caissa kolleksjon.jpg


The worlds strongest chess players was awarded the Grandmaster Caïssa at Norway Chess.

Grandmaster automatic back
Magnus Carlsen with Grandmaster automatic watch
Vishy Anand with Grandmaster automatic watch
The world best chess players with Grandmaster automatic watch
Grandmaster automatic watch winners in chess
Founder Øyvind Von Doren reading a chess poem.
Grandmaster automatic watch and Magnus Carlsen
World Champion Magnus Carlsen
Grandmaster Vishy Ananad 
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