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Unique exclusive straps made by Atelier Petrov for Von Doren - Fine Timepieces


We are pleased to inform about the partnership with, what might be Norways most renowned strap maker; Atelier Petrov. This Frogner based leather-master; Mr. Petrov has made a limited amount of very high quality luxury straps that would fit your Grandmaster perfectly and adding a little extra touch of elegance to your fine timepiece.

These unique straps are made with traditional leather working techniques, and each strap is individually cut, sewn and finished by hand. This is a time consuming process which results in a fantastic quality, look and durability.


Each of the straps are made exclusively for the Grandmaster mark 2 and tells its own story about the work and effort put down in creating them. No two straps are the same.

The leather comes from the most renowned tanneries from all over the world, like Wickett & Craig as well as the most admired Scandinavian tanneries. We have made a limited amount of straps made of cork too.

Interview with leather-master Mr Petrov

Why did you start making exclusive leather straps?

Well, my first decent watch was a Panerai. An Italian watch with very short straps, that I felt did not match the quality of the watch. And they did not fit my wrist either. So I just tossed them away and thought to myself; -since I could make a brick wall (laughs) I thought it should be possible  to make a leather strap that suited my wrist better.

As a matter of fact, I cut a piece of leather from a leather sofa to get the material, and made my first strap. The result was not too bad, - it was a lot of trying and failing. Then I contacted the best craftsmen and learned. It was the desire to always do better that drove me.

I love watches - and that was a motivational factor. Now I have made straps for more than six years and have many happy returning customers.

Mr. Von Doren and Mr. Petrov

What do you think about the Von Doren Grandmaster?

I really like it. A clean, elegant, pure design. The angle of the lugs makes it comfortable to wear, even for those with large wrists.  The Grandmaster does not look as large as its 43 mm, due to the rounded case and 20mm lugs. All in all a very stylish watch with many good qualities; domed sapphire crystal, a very good movement and a stylish design.

Great value for the money in my opinion.

How to best take care of your leather strap?

Leather is a organic material which requires a bit of maintenance from time to time. Taking care of your leather-strap is not a complicated process, you just have to use a leather balm. For the best result and durability for your strap, i recommend the use of a specialized leather-conditioner, like Lexol. Apply a small amount on a clean cloth, then rub the conditioner onto the strap in a massage like motion. Wipe off the excess and repeat if necessary. Remember that several light coats are better than one thick coat.


It is important to state the fact that there is no such thing as waterproof leather. If a strap is waterproof, then it is not a proper leather strap. To make a leather strap completely waterproof the amount of acrylic and wax required will cause the product to neither smell, feel or look like leather. So naturally my leather straps are not waterproof, as i try to use the least amount of waterproof material as possible. In other words my leather straps are water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Would you like to purchase your own Atelier Petrov & Von Doren strap,

Made in Norway? Choose between:

  • Burgundy leather

  • Cork (Unique and comfortable) 

  • Light brown leather


Price 255 Euro

Aprox 3-4 week delivery time

Send us a mail with the subject " Handmade strap" here

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